Wood Waifs are small, childlike fey servants crafted from young trees. They are often created and employed by Eladrin and other fey to act as servants, maids, and the like.

Physical DescriptionEdit

A Wood Waif resembles an adolescent human female of about age 12 or 14. Their skin has the color, texture, and consistency of wood, and their hair is made up of leaves.Unlike a real human child, they do not have well developed limbs -- their arms have only three stubby fingers, and they lack knees entirely, teetering back and forth, only maintaining their balance through a combination of fey magic and sheer force of will. Every wood waif "wears" a nondescript sleeveless sun dress that completely covers their torso and the majority of their stubby legs. The dress is usually dark in color, but the creator of a wood waif can outfit them in whatever colors he or she wishes. This dress is held up and attached to the wood waif by a series of cold-iron chains along the sternum and shoulders. If this chain were to be undone, the dress can be removed, freeing the wood waif and transforming it back into a tree. The tree is not hurt by (nor does it remember) its time spent as a fey servant, though when asked, most wood waifs will say that they long to be free of their servitude.


Wood waifs are manufactured servants, so they can be found in any habitat shared by their masters.


Wood waifs were first made by The Lords of Spring through power given to them by Caltabactos to act as servants to the Lords, and play-friends for the young god.


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