The Windwaker nation has been established on the Astral Winds-- mainly on the Stormbridge Colosseum. Currently, they are a Level 1 nation.


After the colonization of the Stormbridge Colosseum, the elementals wanted to explore their new environment, taking to the skies towards the land below. They have devoted themselves to the goddess Schi'vya, and they have dubbed themselves the Windwakers-- the heirs of the Wind Goddess.


The nation has cultivated their territories to the ground below the Stormbridge Colosseum to control the populaces within the nation. With that in mind, they have developed a peace of mind that allows them to expand to farther lands within the plane.

Important SettlementsEdit

They live on the Stormbridge Colosseum, and on the land below next to the Windchime Lake


The Air Elementals live in harmny with the environment around them, using the stormbirds and thunderhawks to travel great distances and to get to and from the colosseum.


The Windwakers mainly worship Schi'vya, and they have a clear devotion to divinity.


The Air Elementals is the only race so far to found the nation


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