Water Elementals

Water Elementals

Water Elementals are gentle creatures whose personalities reflect the changes in the weather. They are highly content beings, and are the bringers of peace and tranquility.


Water elementals have almost a clear resemblance to Schi'vya, though they are made of water instead of wind. They have an internal core of water and wind-- a trademark used in all of her creations. Their form may differentiate from each other, but they take on a similar humanoid form the majority of the time.


Water Elementals were created by Schi'vya.

Important SettlementsEdit

The water elementals currently live in the central part of the Archipelagos just north of the Northern Mountains, where the Fire Elementals reside. Some have taken residence within the Soulshard Nation.


Water Elementals live in harmony with each other, skating amongst the pristine waters of lakes and the galloping waves of the oceans. They are calm and colletive-- rarely angry.


Water creatures, Water skaters, Liquid abominations


PC StatsEdit

Average Height: 4'9" - 5'3"

Average Weight: 125 - 175 pounds

Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma or Wisdom

Size: Medium

Speed: 6 squares (Water walk)

Vision: Normal

Languages: Common; Primordial

Skill Bonuses: +2 Athletics, +2 Nature

Water Heritage: Water elementals can walk on water as if it were solid ground. They also gain a +5 bonus to Athletics towards Swim checks

Natural Bonds: Water Elementals gain an additional healing surge

Aquatic Healing: You can use Aquatic Healing as an encounter power

Aquatic Healing | Water Elemental Racial Power

Minor | Encounter

Special: This power can only be used when you become bloodied

Effect: You gain Regeneration equal to your Charisma or Wisdom modifier until the end of the encounter

Monster StatsEdit

Not only are Water Elemental playable characters, they also qualify as a type of monster

(Monster Stats pending...)


Basic TechsEdit

Craftsmaking (Basic) - Water Elementals know how to make basic mudane items from raw materials

Hunting/ Gathering (Simple) - Water Elementals know how to hunt and gather the most accessible resources

Specialized TechsEdit

None currently

Sample MemberEdit

Water Elementals are rarely angry toward each other or to other races, but when they are, it is usually because of self-defense. In other words, they save the fights when they really need to use it.