God Information
Name Umbart the Mighty
Player Mathius78
Greater Domain War
Moderate Domain Orcs, Feudalism
Lesser Domain Power, Honor, Mountains, Riding
Appearance A tall, powerfully built and heavily scared orc
Holy Symbol A pair of cross swords
Plane of Origin Culthet
Chains of Culthet, The Forge
Floating Islands, Umbart

Umbart the Might is the 20th Lord of Creation


Personality/Core Concept: Strength that has not been used is weakness. That worth having is worth taking. To grow is to fight. War is for power not vengeance. There can be no war with out peace.

Umbart's dead corpse was pulled from Aaviz's hat during a fight between him and Hulna. He seams to have memories of Aaviz as a mighty wizard and is quite surprised to find him here and not quite sane. His also quite concerned by the fate of the world after growing to great size and surveying the world from astride the floating continent. This action knocked several floating islands of the edge of the continent.


Floating Islands: Several dozen floating islands fill the sky of Culthet.


Umbart is determined to hold the world together since he has no desire to die so shortly after being revived.


Umbart is tall and well muscled Orc with sneer on his face. Many scars adorn his form. Currently he is naked.

Power Points 4/4Edit

1 PP Combat Aid: Help Aaviz in combat against Hulna by breathing divine life back into him. (6/19/10)

2PP Mold: Create several dozen floating islands form the ruined edges of the floating continent. (6/20/10)