Four large connected hills created by Syreene. It is covered with a dense forest filled with small prey animals.It is shaped in a manner similar to its namesake ( ) though the edges are not sharply defined. The lighter green lines in the image to the right are formed by trees. The three smaller hills reach their apex at the end of the lesser spirals, while the highest point of the central hill is at the center of the triskelion itself.


Forested Hills


The Lords of Spring

The Lyn of Autumn

Virago (8 tribes)


It is within range of the Mantid Tenders. Djaf filled it with birds, insects, and small prey mammals. Dobbits are plentiful, including their cousin, the gigadobbit, as well as the Orionids that hunt them both. Krin are rare, though they do exist. Sichons dot the northern reaches of the place, and Paraspiders can be found in the southern foothills. Eroes represent one of the few notable bird species of the forest. Battlebriars have ensured that few other creatures make the Triskelion their permanent residence, having already soundly fought off an incursion of mouther and occulites.


Fort Retribution

Tempest Citadel

Starwatcher's Keep

Nearby Locations:Edit

The Monarch Queen's The Egg Tree



Triskelion Shape

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