The Reaper is (or at least was) a Naga born on Ordarak-Rek before the Warp. She is an Arbitration Exarch for Itja-Rek


The Reaper is kept under semi-willing thrall through the use of the divine power of her god flowing through her, which Itja-Rek uses as a form of drug, opening up the naga to the full glory of his power as a reward and leaving her longing for it once more when it ends. The constant fluxuations have wrecked havoc with The Reaper's appearance, turning her eyes puffy and bloodshot, her scales from bright and lustrous to oily and dull and causing her flesh to atrophy, prominently revealing the bones of the naga, who more slumps than slithers through the universe. Despite all of this, the god's power keeps her alive and gives her far more strength than would be thought warranted given her body's condition. She is often seen carrying a large wicker basket, in which she collects the souls of the dead.


The Reaper is tasked with gathering souls for Itja-Rek to replenish the god's form after physical exertion has drained him of his reserves.

Tales and Legends

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