God Information
Name The Monarch Queen
Greater Domain Death
Moderate Domain Light, Extravagance
Lesser Domain Dreams, Royalty, Wealth, Butterflies
Appearance The Queen resembles a somewhat plump sort of woman who isn’t necessarily old, but is certainly getting on in years.
Holy Symbol The Monarch Butterfly pattern. It can be incorporated into anything the worshipper wishes, and in fact, the more eccentric and extravagant the manner in which they do so, the better.
Plane of Origin Mishway
Egg-Tree Garden

The Monarch Queen is the 3rd Lord of Creation and the second to act in the world of Mishway.

Background and AppearanceEdit

The Monarch was born from an egg, which was dropped from a tree that seems to exist outside of reality. This egg was dropped into Mishway.

While no wrinkles mar her round face, her hair is white and her body is by no means spry. But to really define the Queen’s appearance, one must merely look to the word that says it all: extravagance. The Queen wears huge ball gowns so cumbersome, she can barely complete even the simplest tasks, and in fact has difficulty with even base mobility. Her hair is piled high upon her head in a tall beehive of sculpted waves and curls so shiny and stiff, it appears as though a thick lacquer has been painted over it. But if that seems extravagant, that is nothing compared to the accessories she piles on. Necklaces hung with diamonds the size of a child’s fist circle her neck and her nails are not painted with nail polish, but rather studded with tiny gemstones. Though the general “theme” of her outfits vary greatly, the Queen has been known to wear such things as actual flowers, not only in her hair, but upon her dress too, and not just small ones, but rather vast sunflowers and huge orchids. She has even been known to wear living animals as accessories.


A wide variety of giant mushrooms. Side effects of ingestion are unknown at this time.