The Casus Belli. This is a small floating tablet covered with broken oaths, pacts, and compromises inscribed in runic script. While it possesses a physical form, one does not require physical proximity to call on the artifact's power (though one *must* know that the artifact exists in the firstplace).


A god calls out to the Casus Belli, asking for its aid to right a wrong via battle. The triggering god (hereafter referred to as the Wronged) must indicate why they feel they've been wronged, and by whom (a single entity, hereafter referred to as the Wrong-doer). Simply demanding the artifact's aid is a sure way to *not* receive its assistance.


The Casus Belli polls nearby gods, starting with those closest to the Wronged and the Wrong-doer. Polled gods may either agree that the Casus Belli is valid (i.e., the causes for the battle are just), dissent that the Casus Belli is irrelevant (i.e., the Wronged is foolhardy, over-aggressive, or was not truly wronged), or abstain. If the Wronged god receives "agrees" from two separate gods (or two more "agrees" than "dissents" if more than two respond), the Casus Belli immediately starts Divine Combat on behalf of the Wronged against the Wrongdoer, generating two Divine Combat PP for this express purpose (one to start the battle, and one point for the Wronged's bidding-pool), after which combat proceeds normally. The Casus Belli does not care who wins or loses the conflict, simply that the conflict itself was justified.