God Information
Name Syreene-Sonnet
Greater Domain The Seasons
Moderate Domain Destiny, Fey
Lesser Domain Music, Weather, Beginnings, Stars
Appearance The God of Seasons changes with its domain.
Holy Symbol A segmented half-circle starburst of 4 colors (turquoise, green, red, white)
Plane of Origin Mishway
The Casus Belli
The Lords of Spring, The Lyn of Autumn
Mantid Tenders, Wood Waifs, Orionids, Krin
The Triskelion, The Crimson Shore

Syreene|Sonnet is the 1st Lord of Creation and the first to act in the world of Mishway.

Background and AppearanceEdit

Creation Serendipitously breached the cloistered plane of Mishway, dispelling the protections that kept it stagnant and allowing other divinities to spring forth.

Description & PersonalityEdit

As Sonnet, he is aloof and thoughtful. As Syreene, she is warm and loving.

In the Spring, she is Syreene, gradually changing over the course of the summer into the masculine Sonnet come autumn, once more changing to Syreene over the course of the winter, the change becoming complete once more in spring.


The fact that Syreene|Sonnet is not native to Mishway gives them a strange power to sire other gods by combining their own divine energy with that of a source of otherness, whether that be a physical shard of the stuff, the planar energy that holds planes together, or even the paroxysm of fear and doubt that proximity to a source of otherness inters to those nearby.

Though they may or may not look to Syreene|Sonnet as their mother|father figure, Syreene|Sonnet have sired the following gods:

  • Poliphas -- formed from a shard of otherness and Syreene's own divine mettle.
  • Daxos -- formed when the fear instilled into Syreene by a nearby planar rift merged with the otherness emanating from it.
  • Schi'vya -- formed from concentrated planar otherness mixed with a portion of Syreene's own divine power.
  • Clastron -- formed when remnants of the planar otherness that spawned Schi'vya was supercharged by the blood of Caltabactos and Syreene.

Power LevelEdit

4 PP / Week