Massive birds of prey that will go after anything that moves (anything smaller than itself).

Physical Description Edit

Stormbirds are massive birds of prey that resembles that of a hawk, with brilliant white feathers across its spinal section. It has huge claws that can carry a full grown human, and has eyes that can see prey for miles.

Stormbirds have powerful muscles and their main line of defense is blasting enemies with a powerful wave of air generated from their wings. Stormbirds also have a very powerful and deafening screech used to immobilize targets if they get threateningly close to their territories.

Stormbirds can see massive distances, but their eyes can only see few colors-- mainly the sky, the ground, and the plants. They can spot movement on the ground very well, despite their color blindness.

Habitat Edit

Stormbirds are fiercely territorial, and they have been known to attack mortal settlements if they are ever threatened. They are very resourceful, and they never waste their energy for a single attack.

Origin Edit

Stormbirds were created by Schi'vya

The Stormbirds are reverred by the Thunderwaltz Eladrin clan. Stormbirds are very prominent, but they are few and far between in the New World. They mostly flourish wherever the Stormbridge Colosseum resides.

Stats Edit

Stormbird | Level 15 Soldier

Large Natural Beast | 1,200 XP

Initiative : +16 | Senses: Perception +15 ; Low-light vision

STR- 19 +4 (+11) DEX- 24 +7 (+14) WIS- 17 +3 (+10)
CON- 18 +4 (+11) INT- 4 -3 (+4) CHA- 17 +3 (+10)
Fortitude- +23 Reflex- +26

Will- +22

HP: 147 | Bloodied: 73

AC : 29

Speed : 6 squares; Fly: 12


Claw: Melee: Standard; At-will

+20 vs. AC; Reach 2; 2d6+6 damage, and the target is marked until the end of the Stormbird's next turn

Bite: Melee: Standard; At-will

+20 vs. AC; Reach 2; 2d8+6 damage

Force Wave: Minor (Recharge: 5,6) - Thunder, Force

+16 vs. Reflex; Close Burst 5; 1d10+5 Thunder damage, and the target is pushed 4 squares and is immobilized until the end of the Stormbird's next turn.

Screech: Minor (Recharge when bloodied) - Thunder

+18 vs. Fortitude; Range 10; 2d8+6 thunder damage, and the target is dazed (save ends).


Any Creature Medium or smaller can tame a Stormbird to be a useful mount.


Alignment : Unaligned | Languages: ---

Skills : Acrobactis +19 ; Athletics +16 ; Endurance +16 ; Intimidate +15 ; Perception +15


Tactics: Stormbirds will most likely claw and bite their way through the fray, but will resort to their Force Wave or Screech powers if they feel like their opponents are getting too close.