God Information
Name Schi'vya
Player Xeadin
Greater Domain Air, Divinity
Moderate Domain Madness, Passion, Weather
Lesser Domain Deception, Illusion, Pride, Vanity, Wind
Appearance A dark cloud assembled into a tall, slender, featureless humanoid being.
Holy Symbol A dark, swirling cloud painted upon an off-white canvas with a young, dressed woman in the center.
Plane of Origin Mishway
Astral Sea, Astral Winds, Elemental Chaos
Blade of the Four Winds, Elemental Sword
Elemental Guardians, Elemental Serpents
Naldern, Elemental Warriors
Air Elementals, Earth Elementals, Fire Elementals, Water Elementals
Soulshard Nation, Windwakers, Ordained Chaos
Stormbirds, Thunderhawks, Unity of the Elements, Mammals, Elemental Fish, Earth Chitons, Elemental Drakes
Stormbridge Colosseum

Schi'vya is the 15th Lord of Creation

Background and AppearanceEdit

Schi'vya is a kind-natured spirit with a passionate mind and an enchanting voice which would make unbound nations rise and give color to grey lands. She has a darker side, however; she is sly, and her light form allows her to sneak up on unsuspecting beings without warning. She is known commonly as the 'perfect assassin.'

Schi'vya has bright, glowing spheres for eyes, and has dark, crackling energy flowing through her partially translucent form. Though she may look like a cloudy mass, she can still interact with solid, corporeal objects.

Schi'vya is the Master of Wind, but is now starting to realize the potential of the Elementls. Soon, she will become the Lord of the Elements.

She likes to create things similar to her element, but she is most fond of living beings that she is able to communicate with. She keeps her mortals closest to her, for she regards them as precious, fragile beings. She despises those who make a mockery out of her mortals-- sometimes she may unleash an unforgetable wrathful storm upon those who do harm her or her mortal's good names.


6 PP / Week

1 Combat PP (Savos) - Artifact

1 Genesis PP - Exarch

1 Arbitration PP - Exarch

1 Divine PP - Artifact