Please either tell me via PM or label here where these items are going. Until next saturday, you are free to move your OWN things. After that, we'll allow the moving of inactive player's objects in a limited fashion.

Date/God PP Type Location Nation/Race Nation Action Type Effect Notes Where is it going?
Absalom1Spawn BeastManta Beast Everywhere
Absalom2Spawn BeastGorand Everywhere
Catalbactos1Spawn BeastMishwayEroes-birds of prey Waltzing Mountains
Catalbactos1Spawn BeastMishwayParaspider Golden Forest
Davos1Spawn BeastCulthetThrill Worms All Oceans
Davos1Nourish LandCulthetVolcanic vents open up across the ocean floor under/near Hive
Draxoth2Spawn BeastDread Shades Everywhere
Hulna1Spawn BeastCulthetRock Things Ordarak-Rek
Karak1Spawn BeastCulthetShadow-Eater Jellies Culthetian Archipelago
Karak3Spawn BeastCulthetOozes Everywhere
Ordek2Spawn BeastCulthetGiant Serpents Inlet between Triskelion and Pillar continents
Ordek2Spawn BeastLiving Storms cover Culthet The outside of the world.
Poliphas3Shape PopulaceMishwayEidolonsCreationEidolons (Warforged) Pillar Continent
Silis2Modify BeastSkyJelly Mostly Triskelion Continent
Silis3Shape PopulaceMishwayTroinatCreationcommunal insectoids Near Hive
Syreene4Create ArtifactThe Casus BelliWorld Artifact! Floating beyond the boundaries of the World
Aaviz3Shape PopulaceFloating AerieGem DragonsCreationGem DragonsFloating Continent
Aaviz2Spawn BeastCulthetSkimmers-eat organics, make more skimmersEverywhere
Aaviz2Spawn BeastCulthetVineaza-kills skimmersFloating continent
Catalbactos2Nourish LandMishwaydobbits (rabbits) on land and sichons on sea Around golden forest
Catalbactos2Spawn BeastMishwayGigadobbits-HUGE dobbits Golden Forest
Catalbactos1Spawn BeastThe TriskelionWood Waifs Triskelion
Clastron3Shape PopulaceStormbridge CollossusHumansCreation Sequestered
Davos4Create ArtifactSybilline DreamArbitration Caverns of Davos
Davos2Found NationCaverns of DavosDurmidorCreationNeeds a name Caverns of Davos
Davos3Shape PopulaceCaverns of DavosRace-Death TitansCreation Caverns of Davos
Harkon1Nourish LandCulthetSeamatsAround the Hive
Harkon1Spawn BeastMouthers All Over
harkon1Spawn BeastParasites All Over
Hulna2Found NationNW of Ordarak-RekNihiliathCreationMoved to center of Triskelion
Hulna1Nourish LandCulthetBrainmossMoved to center of Triskelion
Hulna3Shape PopulaceNW of Ordarak-RekMindflayersCreationMindflayers(Itja moved them to the Golden Forest)
Itja-Rek1Create ArtifactCrown of Insubstancial SoulsI declare it ended up... lost! (Aaviz found it!)
Itja-Rek2Found NationThe CityCreationFinally, they are madeNear the Shallows
Itja-Rek1Nourish PopulaceThe HiveRace-BryofitaNourishBryofites in the hive are severed from the main CityHive
Itja-Rek1Shape PopulaceOrdarak-RekNagaCreationNagas!They're on the GodSpire/In the Caverns of Davos
Itja-Rek3Shape PopulaceCulthetRace-BryofitaCreationThe Bryofita!Near the Shallows
Itja-Rek1Spawn BeastCulthetLight-lure jellyfishDeep oceans around the Culthet Archipelago
Itja-Rek1Spawn BeastThe HiveMyconoid ColoniesHive
Itja-Rek1Spawn BeastThe Twisted HiveTomb Spider SwarmsTwisted Hive
Itja-Rek1Spawn BeastThe HiveWill\'o\'the\'wisps Hive
Itja-Rek2Spawn BeastCulthetGhosts! All over.
Karak1Nourish LandOrdarak-RekWarp Metal spreads through the continentOrdarak-Rek
Ordek1Nourish LandOrdarak-Rekmetal appears beneath the islandsOrdarak-Rek
Ordek1Spawn BeastThe HiveWarrior AntsHive
Ordek1Spawn BeastThe Twisted HiveWarrior CentipedesTH
Schi\'vya3Shape PopulaceStormbridge ColosseumAir ElementalsCreationAir Elementals... not much more to sayMoved to the Astral Winds/ a small number of them are spread out amongst the other landforms
Schi\'vya2Spawn BeastStormbridge ColosseumStormbirds-- Large birds of preyMoved to the Astral Winds/ a small number of them are spread out amongst the other landforms
Syreene3Shape PopulaceEladrinCreationThe Eladrin! Triskelion/Golden Forest/ W.M.
Syreene1Spawn BeastThe TriskelionMantid Tenders-cat-sized mantids that tend the Triskelion Triskelion
Syreene1Spawn BeastThe TriskelionOrionid (Warp Wolves) Triskelion
Syreene1Spawn BeastThe TriskelionKrin Triskelion
The Monarch4Create ArtifactThe TriskelionThe Egg TreeDivine PP Mushroom Kingdom
The Monarch1Nourish LandThe Egg Treea garden of flowers surrounds the tree With... the tree
The Monarch1Nourish LandE of TriskelionGiant Mushrooms appear Mushroom Kingdom
The Monarch3Shape PopulaceMishwayMishCreationThe Mish! Mushroom Kingdom
The Mother1Nourish LandThe HiveHear Tree Forests in the larger chambersHive
The Mother1Nourish LandThe HiveMany insects colonize the hiveHive
The Mother1Nourish LandThe ShallowsCoral forestShallows
The Mother1Nourish LandOrdarak-RekActi cactiOrdarak-Rek
The Mother3Shape PopulaceThe HiveTrilobitesCreationLook like humanoid TrilobitesHive
The Mother1Spawn BeastThe HiveGiant AntsHive
The Mother1Spawn BeastThe Twisted HiveCentipedesT.H.
The Mother1Spawn BeastOrdarak-RekMud CrabsCulthet Archipelago
The Mother2Spawn BeastOrdarak-RekHook HorrorsCulthet Archipelago