A small mindflayer society in the center of the Triskelion.


After Hulna created the mindflayers, he imparted to them a code of laws that solidified the nation of Nihiliath.

Important SettlementsEdit

The center of the Triskelion.


A meritocracy consisting of a loose alliance of lying, cheating, greedy, vicious, heartless, power hungry, narcissistic, manipulating mindflayers and their dragonborn slaves.




Mindflayers and dragonborn. The dragonborn exist primarily as a slave caste.


Academy of the Flayed Minds, an order of psionc creatures dedicated to messing with people's minds.


The process in which a psionic individual fuses his mind with that of an animal, reffered to as animancy. The conjoined consciousness is ruled by the most powerful of the minds. The consciousness can have only two bodies at a time (for now), but can have as many minds as neccessary.

Egoism, the process of psionically strengthening the link between mind and body, strengthening both.

Geomancy, taking on the traits of certain animals.

Sapitheurgey, which is similar to animancy, except it works on sentients.

Growing vats, which allow dead mindflayer brains to be mixed with other chemicals, resulting in a mixture that mindflayer larvae can grow brand new bodies is.

Nation LevelEdit

Combat Level 5

PP InvestedEdit

  • 2PP - Guide Populace: Nation of Nihiliath formed (294)
  • 2PP - Guide Populace: Organization of the Academy of the Flayed Mind founded.
  • 2PP - Teach Populace: Nihilathians learn how to merge their minds with animals.
  • 2PP - Teach Populace: Nihilathians learn sapitheurgy, the art of joining their minds to other sentient creatures. (871)
  • 2PP - Teach Populace: The Nihilathians take the secrets of Geomancy from the Eladrin (871)
  • 1PP - Nourish Populace: Nihilathians specialize in agriculture (964)
  • 2PP - Teach Populace - Nihilathians learn to develop growth vats for increasing their numbers (964)
  • 2PP - Teach Populace - Nihilathians learn Egoism. (964)
  • 1PP - Nourish Populace - Nihilathians grow in numbers ([1])
  • 1PP - Nourish Populace: Nihilathians specialize in building fortifications (964)
  • 1PP - Nourish Populace: some dragonborns join Nihilath as slaves (1092)
  • 1PP - Nourish Populace: More mindflayers are grown in Nihilath in preparation for a supposedly impending war. (1092)
  • 1PP - Nourish Populace: Nihilathians become specialized in soldiering (1092)