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The Mish are a rather odd sort of folk. They resemble miniature living topiary bushes, no higher than your waist. What is remarkable about them, however, is their exquisite taste in tea and literature not to mention crumpets and all sorts of other British stereotypes. Due to their plane of origin, the Mish are prone to sudden acts of whimsy, including repeatedly announcing the same catch phrase, and other as yet unseen acts of crazy.


The Mish were created by the Queen in the world of Mishway. They spent much time there frolicking and appreciating tea, which was much improved by the addition of giant mushrooms as tables. They were also terrorized by Troinats, for whom Mish-wood was particularly delectable, but managed not to stray afoul the local gigadobbit population. Their world was forever changed however, when their world forever changed. It was sucked through a wormhole to an alternate dimension. By clinging to mushrooms and other bits of their old world, the Mish were able to survive.

Fast forward a time and the Queen who had spawned them finally decided to give them hopeless wanderers a place to stay. She called all the Mushrooms of former Mishway to come and land near the great Triskelion. She even gave the Mish a new friend: the Mush. The two races have been living amiably ever since in the kingdom of Mushway.

Important SettlementsEdit




Average Height: 3'4" - 3'8"

Average Weight: 50 - 75 pounds

Ability Scores: +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma

Size: Small

Speed: 5 squares

Vision: Darkvision

Languages: Common; choice of two others.

Skill Bonuses: +2 Stealth, +2 Dungeoneering/Nature/History/Arcana/Religion (pick one)


Sample MemberEdit