A small divine rune set in the middle of the forest of flesh and has control only in that vicinity, the Mark of Protection helps guide mortal populaces and creatures through the forests of flesh without harm. This is a lesser Utilitarian artifact.

History Edit

Schi'vya had created this artifact in response to the forest's malevolent nature of its trees, and wanted to create something that could give temporary divine sanctuary to all who traveled through.

Description Edit

The Mark of Protection appears as a series of golden, glowing symbols with a ring of fire. The ring of fire represents the boundary of the symbol's range, and the symbols represents the power level of the symbol's protective properties.

Abilities Edit

The artifact has a unique protective spell within its range that keeps the trees from attacking mortals. As long as the boundaries remain unchanged, the symbol's power level will be the same. Decrease the range and the power level increases, but the mortals are more exposed on the outside of the range; increase the range and the power level decreases, giving the trees a greater chance of harming the mortals even within the symbol's range. The normal boundaries are within the forest of flesh (which is not a significant distance).

Stats Edit

Mortals cannot take or carry the symbol with them, for it is implanted within the spot that Schi'vya herself had planted it in with the power of her elemental sword. Those who try to tamper with it will receive a nasty retort of flames and blinding light-- making the symbol disappear temporarily and then reappear once the threat has gone away. Mortals could successfully change the symbol's property if they have been imbued with a small portion their deity's divine blessing, but such blessings are hard to find within the Triskelion.