Mammals are a group of mundane creatures that are native to their environments, but are extremely adaptable to others as well. Mammals are somewhat intelligent creatures, capable of living in groups and communicating with each other.

Physical Description Edit

Mammals live on the Astral Winds in the dense forests and the expanses of the valleys. Some live in the large lakes and rivers, and others in deep canyons.

Deer: Deer and other relatives are slim, sleek creatures that live in broad forests and lush valleys. They like to venture out from their homes, but prefer to stay hidden in the safety of their homelands. They will defend themselves from other creatures and will run away from threatening predators.

Bears: Bears are mighty creatures, predators with a powerful bite. They live mainly where they can catch small game and animals. They rarely ever go after large creatures. Bears are highly resourceful, and can climb trees and fish in running rivers.

Primates: Chimpanzees and other related animals flourish in the heavy tropics and desne forests where they can live up in the safety of the trees. They are mostly vegetarian, but will sometimes go after bugs as well.

Birds: Birds are mobile creatures, ranging from the palm of one's hand to staggering wingspans greater than an outstretched commoners arms. Birds range from prey to predators. Some catch bugs, while others can hunt for small fish and animals.

Habitat Edit

A mammals habitats are based on their geographical locations. Mammals like to live in small to large colonies.

Origin Edit

Mammals were born from a single ancestor, whose genetics were differentiated amongst many different forms. Over time, these genetics formed a multitude of species that adapted to their native environments.

Stats Edit

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