Klicking mandibles dripping viscous fluid, razor sharp chitinous protrusions, and more legs than a tavern wench dancing contest. And they looked hungry.

Physical Description Edit

Kruthiks are insectile monsters exhibiting four main legs and two to three smaller legs for fine manipulation. Their bodies are covered in rock-hard chitinous

A horde of hungry Kruthiks, freshly emerged from a burrow.

membranes that are capable of burrowing through solid bedrock. Their mandibles drip a fluid that aids in digestion and prevents their sensitive mouth parts from becoming overheated from burrowing activity.

Habitat Edit

Kruthiks prefer dark, dank underground environments. They are natural burrowers and are voracious ambush predators. Stumbling into a nest of Kruthiks is considered extremely bad luck (providing you survive).

Origin Edit

Kruthiks were created by Inimicus to provide a natural protection to Arx Inimicus, the tower that holds his artifact, Arca Nox. They are highly protective of their territory.

Stats Edit