The Golden Forest is a cluster of golden oaks made by Caltabactos


The Golden Forest has a strange aura about it that discourages violence. No one is exactly sure how or why this works, but few predators are found within, and the more docile animals only occasionally sojourn here. A tribe of Virago (The Venomhand) reside within, treating the trees as sacred.

Special EffectsEdit

Everyone within the forest suffers a -4 penalty to all of their attack rolls. In addition, all living creatures recover hp at a rate of 1 a round. If a creature inside the forest draws blood, then he will feel nauseous, causing a -2 penalty to all attack rolls and AC (all defenses) for 1 week. Harmless gold sparks constantly fall from the high branches of the golden oaks.

Golden AcornsEdit

Each year, one golden acorn falls from a single golden oak in the entire forest. If it is gathered prematurely, then it loses all special effects. If the acorn is picked up, then it will have its magical potency for a week. If the golden acorn is put in a mixture of spring water, minced grass, and (non golden oak) sap, then it creates a potent Potion of Life.

Potion of Life (3.5 stats) - After consuming this potion, the imbiber recovers all lost health, and gains temporary hitpoints equal to twice their hit dice. In addition, the user is cured of all diseases, poisons, curses, and magical afflictions. The user also adds 25% to all of their age categories, possibly going down one as a result.

If, however, the acorn is added upside-down to a mixture of paraspider venom, fruit juice, and rain water, it instead creates the dreaded Potion of Death

Potion of Death (3.5 stats) - Any creature that drinks this entire mixture must make a DC 25 fortitude save (or forego the save) or take 3d8+3 constitution damage, likely killing them (again, they can just opt to die). One week after this death, they rise again, gain two experience levels, and are completely unaging. Their body remains unchanged except a sinister red glow in their eyes.

Alternatively, the golden oak can be planted in fertile ground, nourished with blessed spring water and song. It will grow to maturity in 30d6 years, creating its own acorn once a year separately from the Golden Forest. Owning a private Golden Oak can ensure one's immortality... through aging at least. The covetous may try to kill the owner for a chance at immortality.