The Godspire is a mountain, tall as the heavens. It was created by Harkon Armal, with the aid of the Mother, from the second moon.

History and DescriptionEdit

When Syreene-Sonnet was chaning the world, Harkon added his own touch. Using the second moon, which Umbart had created and moved to the center of the new world, Harkon cause the earth to shift and grow towards both halves of the planet. On one side, the mountain grew atop the Hive, and on the other, it grew near or on the Triskelion. In the center of this spire is the Caverns of Davos, as well as the Chains of Umbart, which sprawl from the center of this mountain like a starburst. The chains in turn latch onto several points of the rest of the world.

Itja-Rek created an underground river that travels from one side of the world to the other along the spire.

"Gravity" on the spire and the chains is always down towards the earth (or chain) under one's feet. As such one can start on one half of the world, climb the mountain a little ways, walk along it to the other side, and get to the other half of the world with ease. Likewise with the chains.

In one of the dark tunnels made by Umbart in the Godspire, Astriluxus has made a well containing a powerful metal liquid, known as Dragon Metal.