A lesser artifact (greater mortal artifact) meant for combat.

History Edit

Made of liquid silver metal flung from Astriluxus talons, it contains a tiny bit of his essence. After the capture of Astriluxus' Dragonborn children, he went and searched out this tiny bit of unforged dragon metal. Finding it quick enough, he imbued it with a semblance of intelligence, just enough to figure friend from foe, if a certain creature is a hero, and if an immortal being is in the mortal world. It appeared suddenly in the mortal realm after a few days of it calling out its coming to a mortal hero by the name of Pollux, a dragonborn that was somehow freed from captivity of the Illithids. It disappeared as suddenly as it appeared after the death of Hulna's avatar, disappearing into the world until it was needed again or found by another mortal hero.

Description Edit

This liquid dragon metal while unforged is not lethal to dragonkind (due to being unforged) yet is very devastating to immortals in the mortal realm. Due to its new abilities, it is unable to be forged at The Forge, but if some one so wanted to it could be destroyed there. It appears as a tiny ball of silvery liquid, able to change (melee weapons only) form at the users will. Normal mortals are unharmed by its touch, but it is extremely painful for gods, avatars or exarches to touch. If a mortal hero is able to catch a avatar or exarch in the mortal realm by suprise, or the immortal is unable to defend him/herself a tiny bell like sound will chime 3 times before the user can use the weapon against the immortal. While painful to the touch, it is not lethal to gods in their normal forms. The weapon will only appear (on its own) when a race is fighting for shear survival against an immortal (or an immortal lead army). Other wise it attempts to stay hidden. Its soul purpose in the mortal realms is to maintain a check on direct godly influence on mortals while they are in the mortal realm.

Abilities Edit

see description

Effects Edit

Stats Edit

A liquid dragon metal artifact capable of changing into any melee weapon the user wills. It has a limited empathic intelligence that actively seeks immortal attempting to severly disrupt the mortal realm. It acts as a amorphic melee weapon of users choice, dealing more than normal damage against immortals. See description for more. (+2 to combat rating if and only if there is an avatar to opponents side (removes avatars bonus to mortal combat), otherwise its just a normal magic weapon) Godslayer will remain in what weapon form the user wills for as long as he is conscious. If the wielder falls unconscious or dies, godslayer returns to being a normal tiny ball.