Uspur Alleghan | Level 23 Solo Brute (Leader)

Huge Elemental Magical Beast (Earth, Fire) | 25,500 XP

Magma Aura: Aura 1; + vs. Fortitude; Targets take 3d8+ 7 plus ongoing 15 Fire damage (save ends).

Soul of the Mountain: Aura 5; All allies within range gain a +4 bonus to attack rolls, and deal and additional 1d6 Fire damage.

Initiative: +14 | Senses: Perception +20 ; Low-light Vision

STR- 25 +7 (+18) DEX- 16 +3 (+14) WIS- 19 +4 (+15)
CON- 26 +8 (+19) INT- 15 +2 (+13) CHA- 17 +3 (+14)
Fortitude- +35 Reflex- +28 Will- +29

HP: 1045 | Bloodied: 522

AC: 39

Speed: 6 squares

Saving throws: +5

AP: 2

Vulnerable: Ice, Lightning (+20)


Longsword | Melee: Standard; At-will - Fire

+26 vs. AC; Reach 3; 3d6+ 6 damage, and the target is marked until the end of Uspur's next turn

Fireball | Ranged; Standard; At-will - Fire

+24 vs. Reflex; Range 10; 3d8+ 6 Fire damage. Secondary Attack: +22 vs. Fortitude; Close burst 2; Targets take ongoing 10 Fire damage (save ends).

Great Rage | Standard; At-will - Fire

Uspur makes 3 Longsword attacks against 3 separate targets within reach.

Pillar of Fire | Standard; Encounter (Recharge- 4,5,6) - Fire

+22 vs. Reflex; Area burst 4; 3d8+ 7 Fire damage, and the target is restrained (save ends). The area is treated as Difficult Terrain and remains indefinitely.

Blood of Fire | Immediate Reaction; When an opponent adjacent to Uspur becomes bloodied - Fire, Healing

The bloodied opponent takes ongoing 15 Fire damage (save ends), and Uspur regains 35 Hit Points.

Fireforged Armor | Minor; Encounter (Used only when bloodied)

Uspur gains a +6 bonus to AC when bloodied.

Combat Advantage

Uspur deals an additional 1d8 Fire damage against any opponent he has combat advantage over.

Bloodied Rupture | Free; Encounter - Fire

Uspur starts to fall apart once he has reached a critical point in his stamina, and again once his HP reaches 0 or lower. +22 vs. Reflex; Area Burst 4; 4d10+ 7 Fire damage.


Alignment: Unaligned | Languages: Common; Primordial

Skills : Athletics +23 ; Arcana +18 ; Dungeoneering +20 ; Endurance +24 ; Insight +20 ; Intimidate +21 ; Perception +20

Equipment: Fireforged Longsword


Uspur Alleghan is the leader of the Fire Elementals within the Northern Mountains. He is the one responsible for the near destruction of the Soulshard Nation in the Triskelion, and he is planning for a second attack. Uspur is a vicious creature, able to take down large portions of land within minutes.

Tactics: Uspur starts off the encounter by using Pillar of Fire to weaken his enemies, spends an action points, moves to a seemingly large gathering of opponents, and then he uses Great Rage. He will use his second Action Point when the need arises.

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