Fire Elemental 2

Rockfire Dreadnought

Fire Elemental- Rockfire Dreadnought | Level 17 Elite Brute

Large Elemental Magical Beast (Earth, Fire) | 3,200 XP

Magma Aura: Aura 1; +22 vs. Fortitude; Targets take 2d8+ 6 plus ongoing 10 Fire damage (save ends).

Initiative: +11 | Senses: Perception +10 ; Tremorsense 5

STR- 22 +6 (+14) DEX- 17 +3 (+11) WIS- 15 +2 (+10)
CON- 19 +4 (+12) INT- 11 +0 (+8) CHA- 16 +3 (+11)
Fortitude- +28 Reflex- +23 Will- +25

HP: 436 | Bloodied: 218

AC : 31

Saving Throws: +2

Speed : 6 squares

AP: 1

Vulnerable: Ice, Lightning (+10)


Glaive | Melee: Standard; At-will - Fire

+20 vs. AC; Reach 3; 2d6 + 6 damage, and the target is marked until the end of the Rockfire Dreadnought's next turn.

Fireball | Ranged; Standard; At-will - Fire

+18 vs. Reflex; Range 10; 2d6+ 6 Fire damage. Secondary Attack: +16 vs. Fortitude; Close burst 2; Targets take ongoing 10 Fire damage (save ends).

Rockfire Pinball | Standard; Encounter (Recharge when Bloodied)

The Rockfire Dreadnought's movement becomes 8 for this round. During its movement, it may make a Glaive attack against any opponent it moves through. Does not provoke attacks of opportunity. The Rockfire Dreadnought cannot attack any opponent twice or more with this attack.

Fireforged Armor | Minor; Encounter (Used only when bloodied)

The Fire Elemental gains a +5 bonus to AC when bloodied.

Combat Advantage

The Rockfire Dreadnought deals an additional 1d6 Fire damge to any opponent it has combat advantage over.

Bloodied Rupture | Free; Encounter (Again when HP is 0 or lower) - Fire

Pieces of the Rockfire Dreadnught falls apart when enough attacks strike its surface. +16 vs. Reflex; Area Burst 2; 2d8 + 5 Fire damage.


Alignment: Unaligned | Languages: Common, Primordial

Skills : Athletics +19 ; Arcana +13 ; Dungeoneering +15 ; Endurance +17 ; Intimidate +18

Equipment: Fireforged Glaive


Rockfire Dreadnoughts are the result of Fire Elementals that migrate too far from their volcanic homes. They develop a tough, outer skin made of solid rock, and they become deadly bulldozers-- mowing down just about anything in their way. They have a destructive and efficient way of moving around quickly; they form into a giant ball of smoldering rock and roll around the ground, making them mobile wreckingballs.

Tactics: The Rockfire Dreadnought starts off by using Rockfire Pinball to crush its opponents by its surprise appearance. They are also natural forgeres of rock, and can forge weapons, as long as they are near a source of high heat; a hot desert does not count as a source of high heat for rocksmithing. When they are severely weakened, small chunks of their armor fall off, searing nearby opponents, and replaces these gaps with new chunks of rock, making the armor harder and more resistant to attack.

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