The Elemental Serpents are the embodiments of the elements alone-- the true carriers of the powers that brings life to the world. They are created by Schi'vya, and their purpose is to defend her creations. They provide Arbitration PP.


The Elemental Serpents appear as four monstrous snake-like creatures-- each bearing the essence of the elements. Suzarakk of Air, Male'sone of Earth, Til'karith of Fire, and Hed'karo of Water. Together, their combined strength can bring mortal war to a standstill, and can guide civilizations to prosperity. They are masters of mortal propaganda, and are cunning divine creatures.

Origin StoryEdit

They are formed from the essence and presence of the Elemental Guardians to become sacred protectors. Schi'vya oversaw the creation, and gave the serpents their duty. They are creatures of both despair and enlightenment.

Tales and LegendsEdit

No known legends or tales at this time

Stat BlockEdit

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