"And the Black Mish took off his hat, grinning, showing its white smile with too many teeth..."

"Dread Shades are not real creatures, they are manifested fear, local legends given life by centuries of whispered tales, however they should be treated with caution, as a proud hunter might soon discover despite their surreal nature their claws are as sharp as the fear they inspire"

Physical Description Edit

Dread Shades in their natural form appear as pool of liquid darkness, in this shape, however, they can't harm nor interact with living creatures, in order to affect the world they need to assume the form of a "legendary" or scary creature, found in the tales of the local population, gaining all the strenght and weaknesses of the original horror and surviving until the story that gave them form is not forgotten.

Habitat Edit

Dread Shades requires civilization to exists, without storyteller and dark phantasies they can't really affect their surroundings, thus most of them are found in isolated town, hiden in the "dark forest" nearby, among the "infested ruins", other resides within the borders of a large city, haunting "cursed" alleys, swers and abandoned buindings. Dread Shades usually build a lair that follow the dictates of the story that inspire their form, they have the power to materialize elements from their stories, shaping the landscape to fit and spawning lesser creatures to aid them if they need.

Origin Edit

Dread Shades are fragments of the god of Darkness, they incarnate the god desire of gaining a true form at the moment of their creation.

Stats Edit

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