God Information
Name Djaf
Player Aldii
Greater Domain Death
Moderate Domain Spirits, After-life
Lesser Domain Swords, Butterflies, Gardens, Endings
Appearance The God of Death has many forms and will shift between them as the ages pass.
Holy Symbol A gate with three bars.
Plane of Origin Mishway
The Garden of Final Ends

Djaf is the 5th Lord of Creation and the third to act in the world of Mishway.

Background and AppearanceEdit

Djaf entered the world of Mishway through a gate; if he created that gate or if other beings created it and sent him through is unknown, for the god did not remember more than that.

Soon thereafter all that he was, was gone. A plan was placed in his head and divine strength in his heart. With nothing but a shovel he made himself a garden in the middle of the wasteland that Mishway was. There he planted fair trees and beautiful flowers. There he built three gates, three gates that leads to destinations unknown at the moment.

Soon after he made life on Mishway. Mostly smaller mammals but also an abundance of insects and birds.

His first and true form though is a winged man. No dress will cover his body at he enters the world. His body frail, pale and malnourished. His eyes will shine white and pure and his hair will be dark as the night sky. His wings will reach far and wide, five times the size of his body. Black as the night they will be and half-hidden amongst it´s feathers tiny stars will shimmer.

A robe will then appear. A garb fitting a man of finest breed. Silvery embroidery flooding down long arms, painting pictures of tiny flowers made my purest silver, birds in flight at his shoulders, a closed gate with three bars at his chest and a downpour of silvery rain under it. A crown will form upon his head made by finest silver shaped by an immortal's will.