God Information
Name Davos
Greater Domain Knowledge
Moderate Domain Strategy, Decay
Lesser Domain Architecture, Aristocracy, Books, Avarice
Appearance An immense, malignant worm, pallid and mold white that calls itself Davos.
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Plane of Origin Culthet
Sybilline Dream (Major), Scribe of Anomie
Thrill Worms, Leviathan
Caverns of Davos

Davos is the 4th Lord of Creation and the second to act in the world of Culthet.

Background and AppearanceEdit

Davos was born from tiny worms in the soil of Culthet. For untold ages these worms fed upon each other. In time one grew larger, devouring its brethren until it was gigantic but alone. In hunger it cried out and was granted godhood by the universe.

He subsequently met with other gods and had a hand in creating the Leviathan. It appearance that he has an echo of a memory of the world of Culthet before the current age.

Hundreds of meters long, Davos lusts after information, the more depraved the better. The Worm's head secretes a vicious slime, bulbous blue eyes staring outwards. Tiny, vestigial appendages constantly ooze an acidic ink at random locations along the length of The Worm, etching weird patterns into the stone as Davos travels endlessly through the earth.