God Information
Name Astriluxus
Player Joran1313
Greater Domain Life
Moderate Domain Dragon, Protection
Lesser Domain Courage, Hope, Love, Good Dragons
Appearance A massive dragon, silvery in color, with blue eyes
Holy Symbol A shield with a superimposed sunburst
Plane of Origin Warped World
The Forge Godslayer
dragons, metallic dragonborn

Astriluxus is the 22nd Lord of Creation


Personality: A seemingly serious person, he also has a childlike exuberance. (will work on over time.)

Core concept: We all have things we want to protect: children, plants, living beings. He is the guardian of those things. He is the thoughts and actions brought about to protect those things and more. Courage, hope, love, these are things that are needed. Whether to use them to protect or to protect them themselves. To love is to have courage and hope. To have hope is to always have love. These are things that are worth protecting.


Astriluxus as he sees himself.... I am a massive dragon. Scales as bright as a sun, they shimmer with the moons glimmer. My wings span many lengths, my tail as long as my body is large. My legs as thick as tree trunks and claws as sharp as swords. To look into my eyes is to see into the depths of the sea. Description others might give... His scales shine with the most brightly silvery sheen almost platinum in color. With a huge body larger than most his wingspan is wide enough to lift his massive girth into the air. His tail is as long as his body. His legs are thick and muscular with sharp claws on the ends of his feet. A regal looking head (think silver dragon), with azure blue eyes.


In one of the dark tunnels made by Umbart in the Godspire, Astriluxus has made a well containing a powerful metal liquid, known as Dragon Metal.

Power PointsEdit

Current: 0 5PP/Week max 8PP