God Information
Name Absalom the Divine Muse
Player Ritreaude
Greater Domain Beauty
Moderate Domain Art, Inspiration
Lesser Domain Truename Magic, Literature, Theatre, Music
Appearance Absalom exists as a cloud of energy that has characteristics of all four stages of matter
Holy Symbol The double white alabaster masks of Comedy and Tragedy sitting back to back with each other.
Plane of Origin Mishway
The Masquerade
Waltzing Mountains

Absalom, The Divine Muse is the 7th Lord of Creation and the fourth to act in the world of Mishway.


Upon birth Absalom takes on no definitive concrete form, instead allowing the world around him to flourish and form until he finds inspiration. In the meantime, Absalom exists as a cloud of energy that has characteristics simultaneously possessed by all four stages of matter, within which flows and dances an ever changing series of patterns and colors that reflect the thoughts and moods of the Deity. To act as a face and a way to interact with the world, Absalom used The Masquerade a white alabaster mask with a crude representation of humanoid features drawn onto it with black ink.

Around the time of the WorldWarp, after a terrible battle with Grimnit Absalom retreated far into the emptiness beyond where all of creation was taking place, and there experienced an existential crisis. The emptiness changed Absalom, and when he returned he had taken on a new form to reflect this. The Masquerade was a twisted and warped ball of stone at this point, destroyed by a mighty blow from Grimnit's axe. So to replace his original face, Absalom created The Persona, a living body of flowing golden metal that encapsulates the turbulent energy of his natural form. The Persona appears as follows a humanoid golden form with regal features, high cheek bones and a pointed chin, long flowing hair composed of flames, a series of swirling ocean blue tattoo lines all over the body forming intricate designs, and four golden arachnid legs sprouting from the Gods back that augment the regular two human legs.